• No more tape, No more paper, No more mess
  • Save time, Save money, Easy to use
  • Reusable, Can use without removing tires

Without having to remove the wheel, reusable SureGrip PAINT SHIELDS quickly provides that perfect fit for flawless painting of your wheels without using the “old way” method of using messy, time consuming tape, paper, and degreaser. Instead, within only a couple minutes your wheels are ready to be painted and have a professional look.
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reusable and durable

And, because SureGrip PAINT SHILEDS are made with flexible and durable materials they can be easily stored and used over again and again saving time and eliminate costly throw-away materials.

for all wheels and tires

SureGrip PAINT SHIELDS are great for all small or large wheels and tires including semi-trucks, ATV’s, tractors, race cars and more.



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